Can I travel while on sick leave?

If you are a salaried worker or self-employed, it is possible that at some point you have been on sick leave due to an illness or an accident, whether or not they are working. Since it is not a frequent situation, it is normal that doubts arise and perhaps you have also asked yourself, “Can I travel while on sick leave?” We will solve your doubts and see in which cases the displacement is justified and you can travel without having problems with Social Security.

Can you travel while on medical leave?

Being in a situation of temporary disability, you collect a benefit from Social Security . Failure to comply with the legal requirements can lead to you losing this right and you are left without charging anything, so it is worth knowing very well what the law says on this matter.

In principle, the Social Security regulations do not prohibit travel . But be careful, because not all cases are the same. It is not the same as being on sick leave due to depression, you go on a trip to your beach house for a few weeks to change the scene to have a back injury and travel to another city to enjoy a theme park.

It is best to consult with the doctor or the mutual before traveling and thus resolve all possible doubts about the specific trip you want to do.

While on leave, can I leave the province?

There is no problem to move from one province to another during your sick leave, but keep in mind that you must always be contactable by the mutual and Social Security and present yourself to all the medical examinations to which you are summoned.

Can I travel abroad while on sick leave?

As in the previous case, you can travel without problem, but keep in mind that if you are outside the country it will be more difficult to go to a medical appointment , which could give you problems with the benefit.

Is it possible to go on vacation while on sick leave?

You can travel to visit your family, to go sightseeing, or to visit a place whose climate may be better for your recovery. The reason for the trip is indifferent , you can do it without any problem.

What to do if you want to travel while on sick leave

Although we have already seen that nothing prevents you from traveling while on vacation, it is advisable in these cases to adopt a series of precautions.

Since if you are on sick leave it is because your health has been affected by an illness or injury, the first thing you have to do is consult your doctor . He will tell you whether or not it is recommended that you travel.

If you have to undergo different treatments or go for a consultation, you should also inform the INSS or the mutual of your period of absence . However, keep in mind that neither the mutual nor the INSS are obliged not to quote you within the period that you have indicated that you will be out, so you should leave someone in charge of checking the mailbox in case a medical appointment arrives .

At least four business days must elapse between the appointment date and the medical appointment, so it is recommended that you do not travel too far . In addition, during the trip you should refrain from any activity that may negatively influence your recovery .

You have already seen it, the answer to the question “can I travel while on sick leave? Yes, but always consulting with your doctor in advance and taking precautions so that your health is not affected and not to have problems with the collection of the benefit.